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What if you could feel like you were on vacation without leaving your home? Since 2013, No Limit Landscaping has been innovating landscape designs so we could build the best outdoor oasis for every homeowner. We serve the greater British Columbia area by offering our custom highest quality landscaping construction services.

We believe that outdoor spaces are one of the crucial components in designing a home, development, or strata property. Behind the scenes, we take care of everything, from design and installation to maintenance, effectively transforming your home into a private haven. We take care to craft every project with meticulous detail and make sure the outcome is everything you’ve dreamed of.

If you want to explore the infinite possibilities in your home, development, or strata property, please don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

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We Make Your Dream Space a Reality

When you first envisioned your landscaping project, you may not have realized the impact of key design details. However, these pieces can transform your backyard into a truly personalized environment that fits your home’s specific style. With our professionals, you’ll have your landscape sculpted just the way you want it: elegant, detailed, and precise. We believe every landscape project has its own character, which we incorporate into the distinct designs our team creates.

Our Custom Services

When you want to make your lawn stand out, you need the experience and expertise of a landscaping contractor. We are proud to offer landscaping construction services that will not only add value to your landscape but also to your home. From a professional design to the right plant, to the perfect stone, make your home somewhere you’ll love to be. Our goal is to create and maintain beyond-nature landscapes that blur the lines between a garden and a building.

Landscaping Design

We deliver a variety of inspiring design and planning services, ensuring that your landscape reflects both your personal tastes and your financial investment.


The sound of water is always relaxing. No matter if you have a large pond or small features, waterscapes come in different types and will add that extra touch to your landscape and make it more beautiful!


Paving stones come in a vast variety of styles and types. Driveways, patios and pathways can bring value to your home. Using different patterns and colours allows you to create and link spaces. 


Other than retaining, walls can also create multi-levelled yards. They make unusable landscapes into functional living spaces.

Natural Walls and Patios 

 Natural Stone patios and walls can bring a rustic feel to your new landscape. They incorporate raw materials into beautiful outdoor spaces.

Artificial Turf

Green and usable all year round, artificial turf is an easy way of having a lush and low maintenance lawn. There is a wide variety to choose from to suit your needs.


Naturally softening your landscape, woodwork can combine function and aesthetics together. 


The essential element of your landscape that accompanies the hard edges of stone and concrete. Different trees and plants can coordinate the design of the yard you’re looking for.

Landscape Lighting 

Taking your landscape from day to night is simple with landscape lighting. Highlight feature areas in your landscape, light up your paths and patios to safely enjoy at night and take your landscape to the next level.

Annual Services

Spring pond cleanouts, artificial turf refresh and commercial snow removal, our professional team delivers superior service that will help your outdoor living space thrive. 

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