In Canada alone, the landscaping industry is worth over $16 billion CAD. What does that tell you? That there’s no shortage of demand when it comes to landscaping services. But even with such high demand, is landscaping a good career? Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

There are many misconceptions about landscaping careers and what they entail. Landscaping professionals cover a wide range of professions, from designers to technicians, and botanists (just to name a few).

So, what makes landscaping a good job? The four main benefits include more time spent outdoors, an easy way to stay fit, a great salary, and the fact that there is long-term potential to grow and expand your role.

Whether you’ve always wanted to be a landscaper and simply want to learn more, or you don’t know anything about it and want to dip your toes, we’re helping you out by diving even deeper into why landscaping is a good career.

1.    Time Spent Outdoors

Landscapers will often find themselves spending time outdoors, aside from planning or designing back at the office. Speaking of offices, landscaping is the perfect career path for those that don’t want to spend 9-5 stuck in a chair behind a desk. Instead, you’re surrounded by nature and fresh air, which is ideal for mental health in the short and long term.

2.    Easier to Stay Fit and Healthy

While physical labour isn’t the only thing landscapers do, it is a large part of it. Is landscaping a good job? It’s more than ideal for people who enjoy staying fit and healthy. Depending on the project type, you’ll typically find yourself lifting rocks and concrete bags, shifting heavy wheelbarrows, and shovelling foundations. It’s a great daily workout that will help you get into shape and remain physically fit.

3.    Great Salary

When questioning, “is landscaping a good job?” it’s important to look at all aspects – and that includes the salary. Defining a “good” career for most people is just as much about income as it is the actual work. Luckily, landscaping jobs are very well rewarded – especially when expertise is involved.

If you’re interested in evolving your career from its initial starting point, you can certainly earn more than a comfortable salary in a managerial or executive role. This also depends on the company you work for though, which is why we’re proud to say that all team members at No Limit Landscaping have opportunities to grow and earn big.

4.    Long-Term Potential

Landscaping is constantly evolving and advancing, which is what makes it such a perfect long-term career. There will always be opportunities to try new designs and keep up with emerging trends, making it an exciting career choice.

Many entry-level landscapers are surprised by how far they can take their career, moving their way up the ranks. Just take our President and General Manager, Josh Weavers, who has been in the industry for over 20 years.

Is Landscaping a Good Career?

Is Landscaping a Good Career? At the end of the day, that’s up to you to decide. But we do hope we’ve given you some clarity on just how incredible being a landscaper really is. And as landscapers ourselves, that’s coming from experience on the job. There are countless benefits to this profession, and it’s not often you can find a career path that doesn’t involve being stuck in an office all day. We find that the job is extremely fulfilling for those who love the outdoors, and working in an ever-growing environment and culture!

We’re currently on the lookout for new landscapers to join our team, so don’t hesitate to send through your resume today!